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£175.00 +VAT
DSEAR Risk Assessment (Full Version)
Stock No:: CFS100
DSEAR Risk Assessment (Full version)
• enables duty holders to evaluate Diesel storage risks
• create a documented risk assessment with control measures
• create a spill response plan and notice
• includes selection of stickers for correct storage tank labelling
10mm Copper Pipe
Stock No:: CT1050P
10mm Kuterlex Plastic Coated Oil Pipe
• Copper Tube to BS EN 1057
• CU-DHP grade copper
• available in 10m, 25m & 50m coils
• Suitable for use underground
£420.00 +VAT
AdBlue Refractometer :: Urea Concentration Test
Stock No:: 1PAL
AdBlue Concentration Test Sensor
• 0 to 40% range
• 3 second test time
• test to see if you are the victim of a diluted supply
£8.00 +VAT
Aluminium Fuel Tank Filler Cap
Stock No:: MF3157
Aluminium Fuel Tank Filler Cap
• includes chain and S ring for easy securing
• compatible with Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoil and BioDiesel
• suitable for all tanks including offset fills and overfill prevention devices
£255.00 +VAT
Anti-static Retracting Grounding Reel :: 20m c/w Clamp
Stock No:: ASR20
Anti-static Retracting Grounding Reel :: 20m c/w Clamp
£11.95 +VAT
Cable Gland M20 Brass ATEX IP66
Stock No:: 369034
Cable Gland M20 Brass ATEX IP66
£20.00 +VAT
Elafix 40 Magnetic Filler Neck Collar
Stock No:: ELAFIX40
Elafix 40 Magnetic Filler Neck Collar
• 19mm ID aperture
• compatible with all AdBlue filling nozzles
• enables Elaflex forecourt nozzle to be used
£245.00 +VAT
Empty Bottom Outlet IBC Container
Stock No:: PI1000l001
IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)
• 1000L capacity
• MDPE bottle, steel frame
• bottom outlet connection
£8.00 +VAT
Was: £10.00, save 20%
GHS Label Pack for Diesel Tanks
GHS Label Pack for Diesel Tanks
A selection of stickers required to label a diesel storage tank in accordance with the CLP regulations which adopts the GHS (Globally Harmonised System).
£149.95 +VAT
Gok Oil Line Pressure Test Kit
Stock No:: 3006037
Pressure test pump kit for oil lines • 10 minute test
• supplied in convenient carry case
£375.00 +VAT
GuardPlus Telemetry Gauge
Stock No:: GPL0012
remote tank contents gauge
• suitable for tanks up to 3m depth
• enables remote level reading using web
• low level notification
• theft alert
£8.55 +VAT
HDA / HDM Transponder Tag
Stock No:: 233400200
Transponder Tag :: For HDA and HDM products
• lightweight yet robust TAG
• compatible with HDm & HDA systems
• available to buy singly or in packs of 10
£6.95 +VAT
IBC / Drum Thread Adaptor
Stock No:: J2654/TS
IBC Butress Thread Adaptor
• converts butress threads to 2" BSP(F)
• S56x4 DIN61 & DIN71 type
• fits Trisure, Mauser and most common IBC/drum types
£22.00 +VAT
IBC Bottom Outlet Adaptor with 1" Swivel
Stock No:: S60-6/16
IBC Bottom outlet Adaptor S60x6 Thread
• S60x 6 thread is suitable for most IBC's
• can be used on fuels, oils and AdBlue
• 1" BSP swivelling connection prevents hose kink
£1.42 +VAT
JCS Hi-Grip Stainless Hose Clips
Stock No:: WDS09/12
Hi-Grip JCS Hose Clips
• durable high tensile clips
• lloyd's register type approval
• sizes from 9.5 to 100mm
£5.95 +VAT
Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste
Stock No:: ST7010
Detects water in diesel, kerosene, oil and petrol
• 3 oz tube
• instantly detects water in your tank
• easy application
£55.00 +VAT
Kubler Codix Counter Remote Display for VZO meters
Stock No:: 6131012
Low Cost Counter for VZO meters
• optional enclosure
• optional back-lit display
• long-life lithium cell power supply
Metal Drum Wrench :: Universal
Stock No:: UDK001
heavy duty drum wrench :: universal
• non sparking bronze alloy construction
• fits 210L plastic drum caps
• offset handle reduces risk of knuckle injury
£25.00 +VAT
Metal Telescopic Suction Pipe 1" BSP - 1100mm max
Stock No:: F008934020
Metal Telescopic Suction Pipe
• extends up to 1100mm
• suitable for fuels and oils
• including petrol and kerosene
£139.00 +VAT
Micro-matic Coupler
Stock No:: 744-002
Micromatic Coupling :: Spill Free Adaptor
• fully interchangeable with Greenox AdBlue IBC's
• Stainless and EPDM Construction
£427.00 +VAT
Oil Extractor Pump :: Piusi Cambiaolio
Stock No:: 50000A
PIUSI Cambiaoliol Oil Extraction Unit
• easy and spill free oil extraction
• up to 10 litres/min
• includes 4 piece probe kit
£14.95 +VAT
Oil Pipe Warning Tape
Stock No:: OWT75
Warning Tape
• 75mm wide
• 50m wrap
• reads 'Caution - Oil Pipeline Below'
£20.00 +VAT
Piusi Universal Fuel Nozzle Holster
Stock No:: F11806000
PIUSI universal nozzle holster
• durable metal construction
• fits standard nozzle patterns up to 25mm diameter spout
• optional modification for AdBlue manual nozzle
£13.20 +VAT
Pressure Gauge :: Glycerine Filled
Stock No:: GC6302/04
Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauge
• 1/4" BSPP fitting
• ideal for surging pressures or vibrations
• operates up to 600 Bar
£2.50 +VAT
Pulse Meter Cable :: 2 Core 0.9mm² Screened
Stock No:: 7491567
2 Core Pulse Meter Cable
• screened
• suitable for pulse meters
• rugged industrial applications
• up to 30.5m length
Rail Flyte Coupler
Stock No:: CTS2051
Rail Flyte Coupler
• up to 650 litre/min
• 1½" BSP F
• choice of 2 handles
£28.00 +VAT
SEC Coupler :: Air1 IBC Suction Adaptor
Stock No:: F15339000
SEC Coupling (50mm) :: Spill Free Adaptor
• fully interchangeable with CDS coupling
• suitable for both drums and IBC's
• Polypropylene, Stainless and EPDM Construction
£48.00 +VAT
SEC Extractor :: Air1 IBC Suction Pipe
Stock No:: F15606000
SEC Suction Pipe (1050mm) :: Spill Free Adaptor
• 1.7kg net weight (each)
• fully interchangeable with CDS coupling
• suitable for both drums and IBC's
• Polypropylene, Stainless and EPDM Construction
£35.00 +VAT
Storage Tank Vent for AdBlue
Stock No:: 45150
AdBlue Tank Vent
• options for both mobile and static containers
• available with either 2" BSPP or S56x4 thread
• pressure/vacuum and static models
£69.95 +VAT
Wall Mounted Hose Rack
Stock No:: REKFR30
Wall Mounted Hose Rack
• 304 stainless steel
• corrosion free
• suitable for 25m x 1/2" or 20m x 3/4" hose
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