10mm Copper Pipe
10mm Copper Pipe
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10mm Copper Oil Pipe

Engineered to BS EN 13349 / EN1057, 10mm Kuterlex is available in 10m, 25m & 50m coils.

Featuring a white outer sheath (coloured in accordance with BS1710:1984 for ‘specification for identification of pipelines and services’) the protective cover is primarily designed to provide enhanced protection from external corrosion and damage.

The cover also provides insulation from heat loss and reduces condensation on exposed pipework.


Plastic Coated 10mm Copper Pipe
white outer for general purpose
BS EN1057
Temp Range
-60°C to +95°C
Wall Thickness
Tube Diameter
Cover Thickness
10m, 25m or 50m

Manufactured by Yorkshire Copper Tube in the UK, Kuterlex Copper Pipe is suitable for domestic oil heating systems and can be used both above and below ground.

Engineered to BS EN 13349 / EN1057, 10mm Kuterlex is available in 10m, 25m & 50m coils

Installing Copper Oil Pipe Underground

For domestic oil tanks under 2500L: Buried oil pipes should be laid upon a 40mm bed of compacted sand at the base of a 450mm deep trench, a further 40mm of compacted sand should be paid above the pipe. Industrial grade polythene should then be laid above the bed of sand before backfilling (an ‘Oil Pipe Warning’ tape should be used 150mm below the finished ground level.

Oil pipes should not run underground directly into the interior of a building, they should rise externally to the outside wall and feature a remote acting fire-valve before passing  into the dwelling.


Data Sheet
copper oil pipe datasheet
Suitable for diesel EN590Suitable for Gas OilSuitable for keroseneSuitable for oilSuitable for B100Suitable for water