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Harlequin Fuel Station :: 7500FS
Harlequin Fuel Station :: 7500FS
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Stock No: 7500FS
Weight: 550.00 kg
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Fuel Storage Tank :: 7500 litre Fuel Station

Consisting of a bunded tank with an integral dispensing pump, Fuel Stations were developed specifically for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of fuel. FREE SHIPPING on all fuel tanks*

All of our Fuel Station storage systems are engineered from suitable materials ensuring that your fuel is not compromised by coming into contact with incorrect materials of construction.

Failure to store and handle your fuel in accordance with the Environment Agency's guidelines may result in a penalty or fine. All of the Fuel Stations we supply are manufactured to ensure that your fuel is both stored and dispensed correctly. For information on current legislation and recommendation, please visit our downloads section.

Tank Rotationally Molded MDPE Tank with Integral Bund
Volume 7683 litre (nominal capacity)
  8088 litre (brim-full capacity)
Colour Forest Green
Pump 56 or 72 litre/min 230v AC Piusi Panther
Flow Meter
K33 Oval Gear Meter with Split Electronic Display
(1x reset, 1x accumulative)
Delivery Hose 6m x 25mm Fuel Delivery Hose (quick release)
Nozzle Automatic Nozzle (3-speed)
Gauging Apollo Remote Tank Gauge
Spill Protection Bund Alarm
Optional Extras: Extended Delivery Hose (per metre)
  FillStop Overfill Prevention Valve
  Piusi Fuel Management System (230v version only)
Access Cover
Overfill Sensor
Suction Pipe
Panel Mounted Pump
Inlet Filter
Bund Alarm
Fill Point
Delivery Hose
Distribution Panel
Flow Meter
Bulkhead Lamp
Inner Tank
Remote Level Gauge
Bund (100%)
fuel tank diagram
Dimensions Height: 3020mm click image to enlarge
  Length: 3115mm  
  Width:: 2305mm  

To install a fixed storage tank is not difficult, in the unlikely event that the proposed site does not already meet the tank installation requirements preparing a suitable base is straightforward. Once ready for delivery, the tank is offloaded and only requires a 230v supply to prepare it for use. (Also available in 110v AC & 12/24vDC)

An optional 230v fuel management system is available suitable for up to 80 users, PIN number protected access with optional ID keyrings and Windows based software.

*Free shipping to UK Mainland delivery addresses

Technical Drawing
storage tank technical drawing