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Exocet Diesel Power Restorer
Exocet Diesel Power Restorer
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Exocet Diesel Power Restorer

Exocet Diesel Power Restorer has been formulated to improve performance of your diesel engine and avoid vehicle downtime.

Diesel engines that use modern injection systems to deliver maximum performance are at risk from deposits building up in the engine that compromise performance. These deposits can be very thin layers of lacquer or metal salts that stick to critical engine parts and reduce the flow of fuel.

Symptoms of this include a noticeable reduction in power, engine misfiring at idle and power surges.

These issues can be quickly rectified with a single dose of this additive directly into the vehicle's fuel tank. One 200ml bottle is sufficient to treat 100 litres of diesel and has the following features:

  • Restores lost power in engine
  • Problems resolved with minimal downtime
  • Works within one tankful of fuel
  • Potential fuel economy benefit

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