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Oil Watchman Remote Tank Level Gauge (c/w Alarm)
Oil Watchman Remote Tank Level Gauge (c/w Alarm)
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Oil Watchman Alarm

The Oil Watchman Alarm is easy to install gauge and works by placing a transmitter on top of the tank which continually measures the level of oil in the tank.

In the event of the oil level in the tank dropping at a rate that is not common for a domestic oil tank, the receiver will emit an audible alarm that indicates a theft / leak is occurring.

A watchman alarm also transmits the approximate tank level to a receiver located in the home. The Oil Watchman Alarm reads the approximate level of fuel in your oil storage tank and wirelessly transmits the reading to an indoors receiver so there is no longer any need to go out in the cold to check your fuel level.

The transmitter which is fitted to the storage tank features a replacement lithium battery.

Gauge Ultrasonic Remote Tank Level Gauge
Display Increments of 10%
Range 200m
Power Supply Transmitter: 3 year CR2430 lithium cell s
  Receiver: 230v AC
Frequency 433 mHz FM Transmission
Operational Temp -10°C to +60°C
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The device is universal and suitable for tanks of any shape or size from 0.5 up to 3.0m internal height as standard.

The receiver which simply plugs into any standard UK 3-pin socket includes a warning light which alerts you when your fuel level falls below 10%

To install the gauge is not difficult, as most plastic and steel tanks made in the last 5 years will already have a pre-cut aperture, in the unlikely event that this is not the case an industry standard 32mm diameter hole will need to be cut into the tank.


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Watchman Alarm Manual
Suitable for Kerosene Suitable for Gas OilSuitable for DieselSuitable for biodiesel