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Fuel Proof FuelStore :: ADR Approved Storage Tank :: 1500L
Fuel Proof FuelStore :: ADR Approved Storage Tank :: 1500L
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Stock No: FP1500L
Weight: 669.00 kg
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ADR Bunded Steel Tank :: Fuel Store 1500

Fully ADR compliant with U.N. approval, the FuelStore 1500L is ideally suited to both onsite and industrial use. Manufactured using an all steel double cylinder construction and mounted on a tough galvanised tubular steel base the Fuel Proof Fuelstore is a robust bunded tank suitable for most commercial applications.

Security in the form of an anti-vandal lockable door, fully sealed rotary level gauge and a large 2" alloy filler cap offer assurance at all times.

Standard equipment includes a GPI alloy bodied hand pump rated to 95 litre/min, an automatic suction breather, pressure relief valve and an in-line fuel filter.

Tank Double Cylinder Bunded Steel Tank with Internal Baffles
Volume 1500 litre (nominal capacity)
Colour Hazard Orange or Matt Grey
Pump 95 litre/min Hand Pump
Flow Meter optional (see below)
Delivery Hose 4m x 19mm Fuel Delivery Hose
Options 56 litre/min 230v Panther Fuel Pump
  40 litre/min 12v DC Piusi Bypass
  40 litre/min 24v DC Piusi Bypass
  K33 Flow Meter

Unlike traditional plastic storage tanks (with the exception of the Titan Truckmaster) This range of tanks can be lifted whilst still full, using either the lifting eyes or the galvanised tubular forklift pockets.

The unique Fuelstore pump mounting plate can cater for a wide variety of fuel delivery options.

When operating the Fuelstore on board a vehicle greater that 1000L capacity, the driver will require ADR training in addition they must carry a road transport emergency (TREM) card. The vehicle must also fit & display the traditional orange hazard plates. The driver is also required under ADR regulations to carry a two kilogram fire extinguisher on board.

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