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Handling AdBlue

Handling AdBlue correctly is essential to ensure that your fleet operations are not compromised by vehicle downtime as a result of SCR failure. The most common cause of SCR failure is due to contaminated AdBlue entering the system.

If SCR’s are supplied with contaminated AdBlue then it will eventually render them ineffective, numerous issues exist as a result of contamination but the most common by far are those relating to fouled injector lines &/or nozzles caused as a result of either fuel or oil entering the system. To avoid this, ensure that all operators transfer AdBlue (DEF) into the tank using dedicated equipment from a dedicated container and that the transfer system is identified as for use with AdBlue only.

Another issue, less commonly identified because damage occurs over a longer period of time, is where the porous ceramic head of the SCR system gradually becomes clogged from deposits left over when the de-ionised water element of the urea solution evaporates, these deposits only occur when using a solution that does not meet ISO 22241 specification.

AdBlue is highly susceptible to contamination, just one single contaminated IBC could be fuelling your entire fleet with contaminated product which can lead to expensive repairs, replacement nozzles/lines can cost up to £1500 and full SCR replacement in excess of £4000.

Commercial Fuel Solutions offer a wide range of solutions to test and ensure that your AdBlue stays within specification. All of our handling and storage solutions meet the requirements of the ISO22241 specification.

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