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Bunded Oil Tanks

A range of oil storage solutions suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

Available in sizes ranging from 350 to 60000 litres, all of our bunded oil tanks are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

What is a bunded oil tank?

‘Bunding’ or ‘secondary containment’ is a term used to describe an enclosure which protects a storage tanks contents from spilling or leaking into the environment.

The method is commonly used as a protective solution to help prevent the spillage of fuels, oils or other harmful liquids from entering the water supply.

What regulations apply to oil storage tank installation?

The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) offer advice through a wide range of publications relevant to domestic bunded oil tank installation.

Section J5 of the Building Regulations covers all domestic oil tank installations in the UK.

Steel tanks feeding combustion appliances should also meet with BS799.

The Oil Storage regulations may also apply.

When is a bunded tank needed?

The need for a bunded oil tank is called for in the Oil Storage Regulations. Whilst some domestic installations may be exempt, consideration should always be given to the respective regulations which are prevalent throughout the UK.

The regulations vary slightly between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, but in all instances the requirements call for all commercial installations exceeding 200L to be bunded.

Bunding is also required in domestic installations where the tank is located within 10m of inland fresh or coastal water, 50m of a potable water source (well, borehole or spring) or in a location where any spillage could run into the water supply.

Expertise, peace of mind

Our engineers have been specifying and distributing oil storage tanks for almost 20 years, we have fully trained staff on hand in our offices along with an established engineering network.

All of our tanks are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

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