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AdBlue® Guidance and Information for Vehicle Workshops

Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd have been at the forefront of AdBlue development since it was first introduced into the UK back in 2003.

By investing in our knowledge and systems fleet operators and transport managers can take full advantage of the risk management expertise we've gained through our extensive research, investigation and regulatory work over the last 20 years.

Benefiting from our experience and unique understanding of common causes of failure, good working practices, and how you can apply our methodology in your own business to manage your AdBlue storage and handling risks.



What is AdBlue?
How does it work?
Regulatory Influence
Which vehicles require AdBlue
How much AdBlue do vehicles use?
Current availability
Average UK pricing
Current demand for AdBlue
Future Demand
Recommended solutions
Smaller packed solutions
Dispensing pack options
Bulk delivery options
Dispensing solutions
Physical and Chemical Properties
Importance of Quality
Applicable Standards
Handling Guidance
Shelf life
First Aid
Environmental requirements
Spill response planning
Accidental release measures
Spillage and disposal
Storage Guidance
Suitable containers
Regular testing
Do’s & Don’ts
Dispensing Guidance
Avoiding contamination
Correct equipment selection
Do’s & Don’ts
About us
Additional Support
Technical support
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