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Fuel Management Systems

Accurate fuel systems management is a fundamental part of ensuring that your business maintains fuel efficiency and keeps costs down. Ever increasing diesel prices continue to impact business owners everywhere.

Irrespective of whether you operate just a few vans to deliver locally or need to maintain a large fleet of vehicles at a national level, in order to remain cost effective in todays economy, it is of paramount importance to both monitor and safeguard fuel stocks continually.

The most effective way to do this is to employ a fuel management system that not only protects your fuel from unauthorised access but also logs each operators usage and enables you to identify who is using your fuel and how efficient your fleet really is.

PIUSI Fuel Management System
Our systems are quick and easy to fit yourself, alternatively we can offer an on-site installation service at a national level, either call our sales engineers on 0845 688 9755 to discuss your requirements in detail or select from one of the options below.


£975.00 +VAT
PIUSI CUBE MC70 Dispenser with Fuel Management
Stock No: 59400B
230v AC diesel fuel pump system
• either 50 or 120 user options
• PIN or User Key protection, optional software integration
• 72 litre/min pump fitted
• suitable for both wall and pedestal mounting
£695.00 +VAT
PIUSI MC Box Fuel Management System
Stock No: F1398000B
Management System :: 80 or 120 Users
• 18kg net weight
• rugged steel enclosure
• download data to PC via USB stick with optional software
• available in 230v, 110v AC, 12v or 24v DC
£39.95 +VAT
PIUSI MC Management Key (red)
Stock No: R12496
Replacement Management Key for PISUI MC Systems
• robust construction
• compatible with MC Box & Cube MC
• Allows download of system data
• Allows configuration of management system
£11.95 +VAT
PIUSI MC User Key (yellow)
Stock No: R15904001
Replacement User Key for PISUI MC Systems
• robust construction
• compatible with MC Box & Cube MC
• available to purchase either singly or in packs of 10x